Illegal Dumping and Littering


Read further information from EPA on litter or find out how to lodge a litter complaint.


Litter has been defined as the deposit of waste at a place that is an amount less than 200 Litres in volume. Common types of litter include cigarette butts, drink bottles, fast food wrappers, material from a trailer that is poorly secured, grass clippings swept into the gutter, fishing tackle.

Dangerous examples of Littering include - throwing a lit cigarette onto dry grass in extreme fire danger conditions, smashing a glass bottle and leave the broken glass on a footpath, leaving a syringe in a public place other than in a container intended to receive used syringes.

Illegal Dumping:

Illegal dumping has been defined as the deposit of waste at a place that is an amount equalling greater than 200 Litres in volume. eg a garbage bag.

Illegal dumping includes items such as bags of rubbish, garden waste, building materials, household goods, abandoned cars, scrap tyres and hazardous waste.

Dumping is unsightly, degrades the local environment, reduces property value and costs rate payers a substantial amount of money each year to clean up.  

It is unlawful to dump waste on land other than at a licenced landfill or waste transfer station or into an approved receptacle.

A landowner may report unlawful dumping on their land to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A member of the public who observes what they may understand to be unlawful dumping should report it immediately to the EPA. 

If the site of unlawful dumping is Council owned land, the Council should be advised immediately.

It is useful to investigation and possible prosecution if details of any person or vehicle observed to be involved can be provided when reporting unlawful dumping to the EPA or the Council.

With the Help of Individuals, Landowners and Councils reporting Illegal Dumping Incidents, the EPA from time to time are able to trace Offenders and impose penalties:    Illegal dumping in north west bush results in heavy fine for four men - 09 July 2013


To report a Pollution and Environmental incident to the EPA eg Illegal Dumping
Telephone: 1800 005 172 (free-call number 24-hours a day)

To report a Littering Offence:  Telephone: 1300 135 513 Or lodge a report online.