Environmental Management

Council is committed to responsible environmental management of the City of Burnie and its community with the strategic objective of providing an Environmentally Sustainable Community through the sound management, protection and development of the natural and built environment.

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In Australia it is estimated that there is approximately 5.4 million cases of food poisoning each year. One of the services that Council provides is to conduct routine audits on all food premises in our municipality. This is done to ensure that a high level of food safety is maintained by all businesses selling food and that they adhere to the requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and the Tasmanian Food Act 2003.

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Public Health

Council, in conjunction with other authorities, has a role in protecting and maintaining the public health of the community.

Public health refers to the protection and promotion of health and the prevention of illness, injury and disability within the community.

As part of Council's role in public health, we administer a range of state legislation, and also provide advice to the community on the public health aspects of environmental issues.

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Water Quality

Water-based activities are a significant source of recreation for many people living in Burnie. Swimming is one of the main activities over the summer months however there are many other recreational uses for rest, relaxation and exercise that occur throughout the year.

Although use of recreational waters can provide enormous benefits to health and well-being it can also adversely affect health. Contaminated water can cause gastroenteritis if swallowed or may cause infections to open cuts and sores.

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