Use and Development/Permit Applications

A permit may be required for use or development of land.

The Land & Environmental Services Department can provide advice on whether a permit is required under the Burnie Interim Planning Scheme.

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Notified Land Use Planning Permit Applications

The following permit applications have been lodged with the Burnie City Council for the purpose of obtaining a discretionary Permit under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

Each permit application has been notified in accordance with the requirements of section 57 of the Act and is available for community consideration and comment for a period of 14 days from the date of notification.

Representations in writing and relating to any aspect of the permit application for which there is discretion under the Burnie Interim Planning Scheme 2013 must be received before close of the notification period.

The notification period for each permit application is as indicated on this site.

The notified permit applications are available for inspection as Adobe documents on this website. See link below.


182 Poimena Road, WEST MOOREVILLE CT 5554/8

Application Number DA 2019/55
Notification Ends 01 July 2019
Proposal Storage Shed (Outbuilding)
Discretionary Matter Reliant on assessment against performance criteria for grant of permit - Clause 26.4.2 (P1)
Application Download

3 Emerald Court, PARK GROVE CT 173166/64

Application Number DA 2019/46
Notification Ends 08 July 2019
Proposal Multiple Dwelling Development x2
Discretionary Matter Grant of permit reliant on Performance Criteria under Clauses 12.4.2 (P1), 12.4.3 (P2 & P4), 12.4.4 (P2) & 12.4.5 (P1 & P3)
Application Download



The information provided on this website includes a copy of all the documents and material lodged with the permit application, and is the same as that which can also be viewed in hard copy at the Council’s Offices.

Your representation must be sent to Burnie City Council, PO Box 973, Burnie, Tasmania, 7320 or to

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