Statement of Compliance for Vehicular and Drainage Access


The Burnie Interim Planning Scheme 2013 requires that an application for a use or development permit must demonstrate that -

Suitable arrangements can be provided for:

  • Vehicular access to the site of development or use
  • Disposal of stormwater arising from the use or development

Council will assess the request and issue a Statement of Compliance which must be included with a Use or Development permit application.


The Burnie City Council has a responsibility to administer the Local Government (Highways) Act 1982 and Urban Drainage Act 2013.  Under the relevant provisions of these Acts Council may issue an advice as to the availability of access to Road and Drainage Infrastructure.

This advice will be in the form of a Statement of Compliance that states if access to the respective road network and stormwater system exists or is available and may be conditional. This Statement of Compliance is to be submitted with a Use or Development permit application.


Existing Access Arrangements

When the proposed use or development:

  • Utilises existing vehicular and drainage access arrangements and
  • Does not modify existing infrastructure
  • Requires no change in infrastructure
  • Will not increase in drainage flows. 

The  Deemed Compliance Checklist must be completed for processing by Council. If your application is compliant you will receive a Statement of Compliance which must be included with a Use or Development permit application.

New or Modified Access Arrangements

When the proposed use or development requires a new vehicular or drainage access, or increases drainage flows, modifies or intensifies the usage of an existing access a  Statement of Compliance Request Form must be completed and lodged with Council for processing.

The application must include a description of the proposed development and of the manner in which the development is to operate.  This description must provide sufficient detail of the proposed use of the site to allow an assessment of the requirements for access to the site or the requirements to drain stormwater from the site.

Adequate plans must be included within the application to clearly illustrate the location of the desired vehicular access and drainage access to the site of the proposed development. 

If you are unsure as to whether a Statement of Compliance is required
for your proposed Use or Development
please telephone us for further information on 64305700.