Minutes 16 June 2015


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Planning Applications
  • AO130/15 Land Use Planning Burnie Interim Planning Scheme 2013 Application for a Draft Scheme Amendment and Concurrent Permit Application Land off West Mooreville Road, Park Grove, Page 17
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Officer Reports

Community and Economic Development
  • AO132/15 Financial Assistance Grants, Page 63
  • AO133/15 Public Art Special Advisory Committee, Page 153
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Works and Services
  • No report this month
Corporate and Business Services
  • AO134/15 Proposed Parking By-Law Amendment, Page 179
  • AO135/15 Conference - People, Places And Partnerships - Creating Liveable And Loveable Places, Page 185
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Land and Environmental Services
  • AO131/15 Council Policy No Smoking Policy, Page 37
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General Manager
  • AO136/15 NBN - Burnie CBD, Page 190
  • AO137/15 Local Government Reform - Regional Shared Service Project, Page 213
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General Manager's Report

  • GM Info - Land and Environment
  • GM Info - Works and Services
  • GM Info - Community and Economic Development
  • GM Info - Corporate and Business Services

Communications Journal

  • AO142/15 Communications Journal June 2015, Page 303
  • AO143/15 Communications Journal - Lack of Road Maintenance in Stowport and Natone Areas, Page 309
  • AO144/15 Communications Journal - NW Badminton Association Request for Funding, Page 312
  • AO145/15 Communications Journal - Burnie Regional Museum Special Advisory Committee, Page 317

Minutes and Reports of Committees and Controlling Authorities

  • AO146/15 Minutes of the Meeting of the Burnie City Youth Council Special Committee held on 12 March 2015, Page 321
  • AO147/15 Minutes of the Meeting of the Burnie Regional Museum Special Advisory Committee held on 23 March 2015, Page 327
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