Open Agenda 15 September 2015


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Planning Applications
  • AO221/15 Land Use Planning Burnie Interim Planning Scheme 2013 Permit Application SD 2015/1232 Subdivision & Single Dwellings 11, 14, 16, 17 & 18 Paramount Court, Shorewell Park, Page 26
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Officer Reports

Community and Economic Development
  • AO224/15 Advance Burnie, Page 373
  • AO225/15 Public Arts Projects Special Advisory Committee Membership, Page 376
  • AO226/15 Age Friendly Community Programme Establishment of Age Friendly Working Group, Page 378
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Works and Services
  • AO222/15 Policy Review CP012 Code for Tenders and Contracts, Page 327
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Corporate and Business Services
  • AO227/15 Draft Fraud Control Policy, Page 381
  • AO228/15 Budget Estimates 2015-16 Capital Works Program Revised Carry Forward Estimates, Page 388
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Land and Environmental Services
  • AO223/15 Multi-Story Car Park - Opening Hours, Page 371
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General Manager
  • No report this month

General Manager's Report

  • GM Info - Land and Environment
  • GM Info - Works and Services
  • GM Info - Community and Economic Development
  • GM Info - Corporate and Business Services

Communications Journal

  • AO233/15 Communications Journal September 2015, Page 471
  • AO234/15 Communications Journal - Lara Gidding Land Use Planning And Approvals (Tasmanian Planning Scheme) Amendment Bill 2015, Page 477
  • AO235/15 Communications Journal - Burnie Athletic Club Inc and City of Burnie Cycling Club West Park Cycling Track Fence, Page 483
  • AO236/15 Communications Journal - Mrs Beverley Hite Park Dedication Seat for Mr Rex Collins AM, Page 492
  • AO237/15 Communications Journal - Stormwater Service Remission, Page 496

Minutes and Reports of Committees and Controlling Authorities

  • AO238/15 Minutes of the Meeting of the Burnie City Youth Council Special Committee held on 12 June 2015, Page 501
  • AO239/15 Minutes of the Meeting of the Community Safety Advisory Committee held on 16 June 2015, Page 505
  • AO240/15 Minutes of the Meeting of the Burnie Regional Art Gallery Special Advisory Committee held on 13 July 2015, Page 509
  • AO241/15 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Upper Natone Reserve Special Committee held on Wednesday, 27 August 2014, Page 519
  • AO242/15 Minutes of the Meeting of the Upper Natone Reserve Special Committee held on Monday, 24 August 2015, Page 524
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