22 January 2013


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Planning Applications
  • AO006/13 Land Use Planning Burnie Planning Scheme 1989 Permit Application DA 2012/118 telecommunications facility comprising of a 30m high mono-pole, radio transmission equipment and associated equipment cabinets and removal of one existing redundant mono-pole 19
  • AO007/13 Land Use Planning Burnie Planning Scheme 1989 proposed amendment NO. 62 991 Ridgley Highway, Ridgley rezone from rural To residential 'A' ZONE 86
  • AO008/13 Land Use Planning Burnie Planning Scheme 1989 SD 2012/1191 1364 Upper Natone Road, Upper Natone Excision of an existing house in Zone NO 1 - rural 145
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Officer Reports

Community and Economic Development
  • AO009/13 Policy Review - Financial Assistance Grants 181
  • AO010/13 Burnie Regional Museum Saturday opening hours 186
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Works and Services
  • No report this month
Corporate and Business Services
  • No report this month
Land and Environmental Services
  • No report this month
General Manager
  • AO011/13 Tasmanian fires 2013 189
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General Manager's Report

  • GM Info - Land and Environment
  • GM Info - Works and Services
  • GM Info - Community and Economic Development
  • GM Info - Corporate and Business Services

Communications Journal

  • AO017/13 Communications Journal January 2013 - Rhododendron Society 291
  • AO018/13 Communications Journal January 2013 - Role of Local Government 294
  • AO019/13 Communications Journal January 2013 - Non-Urban Road Network Strategy 319
  • AO020/13 Communications Journal January 2013 - Chamber Of Commerce Celebrations 330

Minutes and Reports of Committees and Controlling Authorities

  • AO021/13 Minutes of the meeting of the Burnie Australia Day Special Committee held on 27 August 2012 333
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