20 August 2013


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Planning Applications
  • AO190/13 Land Use Planning Burnie Planning Scheme 1989 Permit Application DA 2013/49 Single Dwelling ‐ Outisde Required Building Envelope, Page 58
  • AO191/13 Land Use Planning Burnie Planning Scheme 1989 DA 2013/50 ‐ Marine Terrace Demolition Of Five (5) Cottages, Page 122
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Officer Reports

Community and Economic Development
  • AO210/13 Aquatic Centre (late Agenda item), Page 2
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Works and Services
  • AO192/13 Policy Review ‐ C12 Code for Tenders and Contracts, Page 165
  • AO193/13 Council Map, Page 206
  • AO194/13 Waste Management Cradle Coast Regional Waste Management Group Annual Plan and Budget 2013/14, Page 249
  • AO195/13 Upper Natone Reserve Upper Natone Reserve Special Committee Appointment of Committee, Page 273
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Corporate and Business Services
  • AO196/13 Budget Estimates 2013‐14 Capital Works Program Revised Carry Forward Estimates, Page 276
  • AO197/13 Annual Plan 2012‐2013 Progress Report, Page 294
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Land and Environmental Services
  • No report this month
General Manager
  • No report this month

General Manager's Report

  • GM Info - Land and Environment
  • GM Info - Works and Services
  • GM Info - Community and Economic Development
  • GM Info - Corporate and Business Services

Communications Journal

  • AO202/13 Communications Journal August 2013, Page 413
  • AO203/13 Communications Journal August 2013 ‐ Camp Ground at Cooee Point, Page 473
  • AO204/13 Communications Journal July 2013 ‐ Burnie Regional Museum Upgrade and Storage, Page 474
  • AO205/13 Communications Journal August 2013 ‐ SES ‐ Emergency Services Medal Nominations, Page 478

Minutes and Reports of Committees and Controlling Authorities

  • AO206/13 Minutes of the Meeting of the Burnie Australia Day Special Committee held on 22 July 2013, Page 484
  • AO207/13 Minutes of the Meeting of the Burnie Sports Centre Special Committee held on 28 February 2013, Page 487
  • AO208/13 Minutes of the Meeting of the Burnie Regional Museum held on 27 May 2013, Page 492
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