19 March 2013


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Planning Applications
  • AO055/13 Land Use Planning Burnie Planning Scheme 1989 DA 2012/111 200 Mount Street, Upper Burnie Grouped House Development - Total of Eight (8) Units and Subdivision (Boundary Adjustment). Page 19
  • AO056/13 Land Use Planning Burnie Planning Scheme 1989 Proposed Amendment No. 61 1 Bass Highway, Chasm Creek. Page 149
  • AO057/13 Land Use Planning Burnie Planning Scheme 1989 Planning Scheme Amendment 64 & Permit Application DA 2013/12 254 East Cam Road, East Cam. Page 206
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Officer Reports

Community and Economic Development
  • AO059/13 Advance Burnie Report
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Works and Services
  • AO058/13 Policy Review - C35 Public Amenities
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Corporate and Business Services
  • AO060/13 Financial Management Strategy
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Land and Environmental Services
  • AO077/13 Sealed Plan of Subdivision, Petition to Amend, Local Government (Building and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1993, Request to be Heard, Appointment of Panel (Supplementary Report, issued 15.3.2013)
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General Manager
  • AO061/13 Lgma National Congress 2013. Page 320
  • AO062/13 Shared Services. Page 325
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General Manager's Report

  • GM Info - Land and Environment
  • GM Info - Works and Services
  • GM Info - Community and Economic Development
  • GM Info - Corporate and Business Services

Communications Journal

  • AO067/13 Communications Journal March 2013. Page 411
  • AO068/13 Communications Journal March 2013 - Burnie Interim Planning Scheme. Page 425
  • AO069/13 Communications Journal March 2013 - Rail Tourism. Page 435
  • AO070/13 Communications Journal March 2013 - Review Of Councillor Numbers. Page 443
  • AO071/13 Communications Journal March 2013 - Makers Workshop Stock. Page 447

Minutes and Reports of Committees and Controlling Authorities

  • AO072/13 Minutes of the Meeting of the Burnie Regional Art Gallery Special Advisory Committee held on 25 February 2013. Page 450
  • AO073/13 Minutes of The Meeting of the Community Safety Advisory Committee held on 2 November 2012. Page 461
  • AO074/13 Minutes of the Meeting of the Upper Burnie Sports Centre Special Committee held on 22 November 2012. Page 464
  • AO075/13 Minutes of the Meeting of the Burnie Australia Day Special Committee held on 17 December 2012. Page 468
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