Play for Life

Play for Life is an initiative that supports school aged children of Burnie and surrounding areas to be involved or connected to regular organized sport or recreational activity. Play for life aims to identify participation barriers faced by young people and overcome them by working with Schools and Sporting/Recreational Clubs and Organisations. The initiative also aims to meet the strategic objectives set out in the Making Burnie 2030 plan.

Some initiatives that the Play for Life Committee have been involved in in the past include:

Come and Try day

The Play for Life Committee organized a 'Come and Try' day for all sporting/recreational clubs in the Burnie Municipality. Sporting and Recreational Clubs were set up at various locations in Burnie such as the Burnie Sports Centre Complex, Burnie High School and the Burnie PCYC. Each student in Burnie was given form to complete and given an incentive to try three different sporting/recreational activities.

Play for Life Scholarship Program

Play for Life offered scholarships for children from Grade 3 - Grade 10 with the intention to remove the financial barriers to participation through the provision of club memberships, equipment, uniforms and assistance with transport. Currently this program is under review and unavailable due to funding restrictions.

Roll n Hoop

Roll n Hoop aimed to provide a direct link between local community sports clubs and local community schools. Sporting clubs provided activities to Primary and Secondary Schools during lunch hours to introduce children to different sporting clubs and provide a pathway for children to become involved in organized sport.