Who's DES Tonight?

DES is the name given to a designated driver who agrees to look after mates by not drinking alcohol and driving them safely home.

This section coffers an online resource for you to introduce the Who's DES Tonight? program into your area or venue as well as information for people who may wish to become DES.

We invite you to explore these pages, including the Testimonials, Downloads and Awards sections to gain a full appreciation of what this program can do to save lives and keep you and your mates safe. Download the Toolkit to get involved.

What is DES?

A Designated Driver, or DES for short, is a person who agrees not to drink any alcoholic beverages and to transport home safely those who are under the influence of alcohol. This coordinated program, with the potential to be a national model for designated driving, is based around the idea that mates look after mates and that by looking after the welfare of your mates you will ensure they get home safely.

In simple terms, the nominated DES must transport at least one person who intends to drink alcohol to and from an official Who’s DES Tonight? venue. Official DES venues could be hotels, motel, pubs, sporting clubs, events, restaurants etc. The DES will register themselves at a designated space at the venue to receive unlimited free softdrink during the opening hours of the venue and, depending on available promotions, may go into the draw for prizes (eg. monthly petrol voucher draws).

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