Making Burnie 2030

Making Burnie 2030 Presses On

Following it's 2015-16 review, Council approved the Making Burnie 2030 community strategic plan to continue for the next four years. It will be due again for review in 2019-20.

In the meantime its onwards and upwards toward our shared community goals!

Making Burnie 2030 Review (2015-16)

Five years since Making Burnie 2030 was first developed, Council undertook a review of the strategic plan to understand our progress and look at whether the plan is still relevant for the next stage.

Part 1 of the review was an update of the Community Profile Indicators (CPI's). While many of the CPI's are not directly in our control, they provide a simple snapshot of where we are as a community, compared to where we were in 2010. Download the CPI Progress Report here.

Part 2 of the review was a wide-ranging community engagement process of 'Community Conversations'. Approximately 100 community members participated in over 19 community conversations representing a wide range of sectors and interests. The conversations reflected a strong support for Making Burnie 2030, confirming that not only are the six Future Directions still relevant and important for our region's prosperity, liveability and well-being, but that the plan is recognised and owned by the community, and that there is more to do in continuing to pursue the plan. Download the Community Conversation notes here.

Making Burnie 2030 hinges on all community partners committing to their own goals and strategies that will serve the broader objectives of this community strategic plan.

It’s all about working together toward a strong future.  

Making Burnie 2030 Overview

Over 500 community members were involved in developing the Making Burnie 2030 community plan.

Making Burnie 2030 has enabled the Burnie community to collaboratively reflect on our past, understand our present, re-establish our vision and values and set a mandate to pursue six future directions.

Chair of Making Burnie 2030 and Burnie Alderman Anita Dow said, “The finished document is an eye catching, bold and very honest document. It is a fabulous tool for presenting and sharing the outcomes of this important community project. It shows just what our community can achieve when we work together for the betterment of our city.

“This plan is not a Council plan, it’s the Burnie community’s strategic plan. Making Burnie 2030 is a lasting legacy and this is what makes it a truly inspiring and powerful community engagement project.

“I urge all community members to view a copy of the beautifully presented Making Burnie 2030 plan. Share a copy with others and get excited about what the future holds for your city. I challenge you to identify one area you can play an active role in facilitating change in your community.”

Copies of the Making Burnie 2030 plan are available for free from the Burnie City Council Chambers at 80 Wilson Street or can be found below.

How can I be involved?

The success of this strategic plan relies on the community driving the goals and promoting the Making Burnie 2030 plan to others.

If you are contributing to a goal set out in Making Burnie 2030, and wish to attribute your efforts as part of this project, official logos are available to download on this page.

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Click on the images to download them (png files for web and print) or download the zip file

Please note: by downloading and using these logos, you agree to only use these logos in connection with activities that promote the Making Burnie 2030 community plan. For enquiries on logo use please please contact the Communications Officer on 6430 5700.