ferngladeFern Glade Reserve

One of Burnie's most valuable natural and recreational resources is a peaceful river valley haven on the edge of the city.

Fern Glade Reserve, just 3.9km from the City centre (Post Office) to the main entrance, offers long walks along the banks of the Emu River and the chance to see platypus surfacing.

The Reserve, which also offers barbecue facilities, picnic furniture and toilets, can be accessed by vehicles at the main entrance or from a second entrance 0.5km up river.

More than a dozen species of native orchids have been noted along the walking track, which offers a three-hour bush walk through native vegetation in a minimally developed state.


Guide Falls Reserve


A tranquil setting 17km drive into the hinterland from the City centre (Post Office), offering barbecue facilities, picnic furniture and toilets.

The falls can be accessed via an uphill pathway along the Guide River. Vehicles can be driven to the top of the falls, from where access can be gained on foot down a steep stairway.

Natural vegetation dominates the steep terrain adjacent to the river, where the extended period of water flow has created an interesting breaking away of large sections of the unique rock formations.




Natone Forest Reserve &
Lake Kara


A leisurely drive into the hinterland from the City centre will reach the Natone Forest Reserve, a natural area featuring exotic trees, a walking track, barbeque and picnic facilities and toilets.

Fishing may be enjoyed at the nearby man-made Lake Kara.



Romaine ReserveRomaine-Reserve-sm


This park forms part of a walkway and boardwalk that circumnavigates Burnie and can also be used for cycling or relaxing.

It features a fitness track that winds rounds a dam on Romaine Creek containing domestic and wild fowl.

The Reserve contains both remnant and exotic vegetation, with large mountain ashes, white gums, substorey blackwoods and man ferns.



View Road Reserve

 The View Road Reserve is one of 50 community parks within Burnie and the second largest in area. It is a former landfill site which closed in the late 1980’s.

View-Road2The site has been rehabilitated for community enjoyment including the development of basic park amenities such as grassland and trees and walking tracks.

More recently outdoor exercise equipment and an off-leash fenced dog park have been provided for community use.

It is frequently used by members of the community for walking, running, cycling and dog exercise activities.

The Burnie Challenge has been held at the View Road Reserve since 2011. This Healthy Communities Initiative consists of trail running mixed with various challenging obstacles. It is based on the Tough Mudder concept which has been extremely popular across the Globe in promoting the benefits of cross training.

 The View Road Reserve Management Plan provides details on the future development and management of View Road Reserve.


For more Information on Reserves refer to Burnie's Open Space Development Strategy 2009.  This Strategy provides guidance as to the development and management of the Open Spaces managed by Council.

To enquire about Hiring or Use of a Reserve please contact Council on 6430 5700