Community Funding


The Burnie City Council's financial assistance grants program aims to support community clubs and organisations to initiate or establish programs, projects and activities on a fair and equitable basis as detailed in the Community Assistance Policy

Applications for financial assistance to Clubs and Community Organisations are made available in two rounds per financial year and must be spent within that financial year unless otherwise agreed. A Club or Community organisation, if successful, may only apply for Financial Assistance once every three years eg: if you were successful in your application for Financial Assistance in Round One for 2015 then you will not be eligible to apply for Financial Assistance until 2018.

How to apply

Financial Assistance to Clubs and Organisations

Applications by Clubs and Community Organisations for financial assistance must be made on the form provided by Council and must include a copy of the previous year' accounts and audited financial statement and any other information requested on the application.

Applications which do not supply all required documentation will not be considered. Financial assistance must be for a specific project and the club or organisation's willingness to contribute to the project will be taken into account. All applications will be submitted to, reviewed and approved by a meeting of Council.

The Financial Assistance Grants Program Round One will open on Wednesday 28 February and will close on Wednesday 28 March, 2018. 


Waste Disposal Costs for Charitable and Not-for-Profit Organisations

The Burnie City Council's Financial Assistance Program was established to assist with the costs of residual waste disposal arising from reuse activities conducted by a Charitable and Not-for-Profit Organisation at the Burnie Waste Management Centre.  This funding is to support waste disposal costs for community activities and educational programs which encourage and develop appropriate waste and recycling behaviours in the community.

To be eligible for financial assistance, organisations must show:

a)  That they are a recognised charity or not-for-profit organisation, operating in Burnie and providing support to the Burnie community.

b)  That the activity generating the waste supports the diversion of material from the waste stream, putting the diverted material to a productive use (reuse, recycling or repurposing).

c)  Demonstrate the waste/unusable items arise from the collection and processing associated with the reuse/repurposing activity and there is an ongoing need for the waste disposal.

Financial Assistance for Waste Disposal Costs applications are made available in two round per financial year and must be spent within that financial year.  Applications by organisations must be made on the form provided by Council.  Assistance is capped at $1,000 per annum per organisation.

The Financial Assistance Grants Program for Waste Disposal Costs for Charitable and Not-for-Profit Organisations will open on Wednesday 28 February and will close on Wednesday 28 March, 2018.


State Representatives Program

In addition to the Financial Assistance Grants Program, individuals who are residents of Burnie and/or members of a club located in Burnie and through that Club membership is representing Tasmania or Australia in national or international events, conferences, seminars and sporting championships are eligible to apply for a $100 contribution toward their expenses on provision of written advice from the appropriate body. Applications for the State Representatives program can be made at anytime throughout the year, however Council's policy allows only one payment per person per financial year.



In accordance with section 77(2) of the Local Government Act 1993, Council is to disclose details of any grant or benefit that it has provided to clubs, organisations and individuals during the preceding financial year. A benefit may include in-kind assistance, fully or partial reduced fees, rates or charges and remission of rates of charges.

2017/2018 Financial Assistance

The successful clubs and organisations that were awarded a grant in the Burnie City Council's 2017/2018 Financial Assistance Grants program are detailed below:

  • Burnie Rugby Union Club ($3,479) – to purchase goal post pads, corner pads and a share in a line marking machine.
  • Burnie Softball and Cricket Club Rooms ($1,225) – to purchase a defibrillator, tables and chairs.
  • West Ridgley Cricket Club ($1,225) – to purchase a defibrillator.
  • Ridgley Fire Brigade ($1,225) – to purchase a defibrillator for the Ridgley Fire Station.
  • Girl Guides Tasmania ($1,130) – for three laptops and basic software.
  • Stowport Community Morning Tea Group ($376) – Exemption from hall hire fees for Great Big Morning Tea and Christmas luncheon for seniors.
  • Probus Club of Burnie ($1,400) – for a public address system for clubrooms.
  • Koori Kids – NAIDOC Week ($400) – for NAIDOC Week School Initiatives.
  • Tasmanian Special Children’s Christmas Party ($1,500) – to send 16 children and families to the Special Christmas Party in Launceston.
  • Highclere Community Centre ($8,569) – to re-roof the Highclere Community Centre.
  • Burnie Junior Football Club ($1,954) – to purchase a HP Laser Printer, paper and First Aid equipment.
  • Out of the Shadows & into the Light Suicide Awareness & Prevention Walk ($1,273) – to construct a low garden in the shape of a semicolon and access paths at the Burnie Park.
  • Park Run Australia ($6,000) – for setup cost to run a Parkrun in Burnie.
  • Coastal Cycling Club ($1,526) – for a defibrillator and a 2-Way radio system.
  • Ridgley District Bowls Club ($740) – to purchase a reverse cycle air conditioner.
  • Burnie Bowls Club ($2,800) – to improve security of venue around bar area.
  • Burnie Golf Club ($2,500) – to purchase a Flail Mower.
  • Burnie Men’s Shed ($572) – for kerbside rubbish collection.
  • Playgroup Tasmania ($1,950) – for a Start-Up Kit for new Burnie Playgroup.
  • Friends of Fernglade ($1,222) – support for the Platypus Festival in January, 2018.
  • Natone Community Hall Committee ($3,690) – to purchase tables and chairs for hall.
  • NW Environment Centre ($1,161) – to purchase a Banner and four Wind Flags to help promote the NW EcoFest.
  • Sovereign Military Order of the Knights Templar ($2,868) – to buy equipment for an eight week Pilot Youth Program.