Collective Impact Burnie

Burnie Works is a process of long term and entrenched collaborative activity designed to assist the community to address complex and entrenched social issues. 

Collective impact using five core principles to create change in communities:

  1. Common Agenda
  2. Shared measurement systems
  3. Mutually reinforcing activities
  4. Continuous communication
  5. Backbone support organisations.

Burnie Works uses the five core principles of collective impact to achieve the goals and vision for city set by the community in Making Burnie 2030.

Burnie Works is currently made up of a central Local Enabling Group providing backbone support and the 10 Families, Employment Partnership Group and BIG collective impact working groups.

Burnie Works was selected as the most promising early stage collective impact initiative in Australia by The Search in March 2015. The Search will provide up to $1 million in support to the community over three years.


If you would like further information about Burnie Works or would like explore using collective impact to address a complex issue in our community please contact:

Olivia Lucas Project Officer for Collective Impact

Phone: (03) 6430 5780
Monday- Wednesday