Burnie’s BIG opportunity

BIG seeks to engage business, education and civic leaders to create a range of experiences for all Burnie’s youth to motivate and inspire them to complete year 12 and gain the qualifications and work skills that are required to participate in “new world” employment opportunities.

The launch of BIG will be hosted by the group’s Chairperson, Vince De Santis, Managing Director, Elphinstone Pty Ltd, and University of Tasmania Pro Vice-Chancellor Community Partnerships and Regional Development, Professor Janelle Allison.

They will be joined by guest speaker Ivan Colhoun. Ivan was born in Hobart and studied at UTAS. Ivan’s prior roles include Chief Economist (Australia) for ANZ, Chief Economist for Qantas and Chief Economist and Head of Global Markets Research for Australia and NZ for Deutsche Bank. He has also served as a senior economist with the Reserve Bank and has extensive experience as an industry consultant.

Former North West coaster and fellow economist, Saul Eslake, will also prepare a prerecorded message to support the launch.
BIG Chairperson, Vince De Santis said, “BIG is about raising aspirations so that every person can reach their full potential or in other words be as good as they can be, whatever that may be.

“The jobs of the future will require a highly educated and skilled workforce and the whole community must work together to ensure that all young people aspire to continue their education to year 12 and beyond.

“Together, we can make a difference and I am confident that business will embrace the opportunity to grow a range of experiences to inform and motivate the workers of tomorrow.”

BIG is a coalition of business and educational leaders who aim to support creative endeavors which build the aspirations of Burnie citizens of all ages.

BIG emerged from the concerns of community leaders that despite the best efforts of traditional social programs and approaches, we as a community, struggle to make in-roads into entrenched disadvantage and generational welfare dependence. BIG seeks to harness the collective capacity of our community to reverse this trend.

BIG aims to support our young people to, Begin the dream, Imagine the possibilities and Go for it!