Age-Friendly Communities Program

In 2006, the World Health Organisation brought together 33 cities in 22 countries for a project to help determine the key elements of the urban environment that support active and healthy ageing.  The result was the Age-Friendly Communities Program, which outlines a framework for assessing the 'age-friendliness' of a city.  A core aspect of this approach is to include older people as active participants in the process.

The advantages of being a member of the World Health Organisation Age-Friendly Communities program:  connection to a global network of ageing and civil society experts; access to key information about the program results, challenges and new initiatives; provision of technical guidance and training throughout the age-friendly implementation process; opportunities for partnerships with other cities.

So what is an Age-Friendly Community?  An Age-Friendly Community is an inclusive and accessible urban environment that promotes active ageing.

The World Health Organisation has identified eight domains of liveability which will serve as a framework for a baseline assessment and an action plan for Burnie, those domains are as follows:

1.  Outdoor Spaces and Buildings - social interaction, physical activity and amenities

2.  Transportation - affordability and accessibility to resources in Burnie

3.  Housing - affordable, enabling older people to live independently in their homes

4.  Social Participation - social networks, meaningful and productive social activities

5.  Respect and Social Isolation - attitudes, behaviours and social exclusion

6.  Civic Participation and Employment - contribute and participate in society in some form

7.  Communication and Information - to key services, leisure, social, advocacy and advice

8.  Community Support and Health Services - ensuring health and independence in community

For more information about how you can be involved in the Age-Friendly Communities Program contact Council's Community Development Officer on 6430 5706.

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